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2016-11-21 12:56:08

Time Plating, Inc. is a full service, efficient contract electroplating shop. Time offers quality rack and barrel plating in a wide variety of finishes including the exclusive Timelast and Evacoat protective coatings. We are known for our fast turnaround, usually 72 hours, complemented by certified quality control. 

Our Quality Control department visually inspects every piece. Quality assurance capabilities can include x-ray fluorescence technology for thickness determination and sulfide exposure testing.
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Time Plating, Inc.

Fast, high quality contract electroplating.

We offer carding and packaging services for our plating customers. Find out more about this valuable time-saving service.

Jewelry Restoration
Quality restoration of your cherished jewelry items and repair of product for restocking.

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 TIME, can care for all your needs. Call Michael at 401-943-3020, he will be glad to meet with you and provide the service you require, and the service you expect.

Michael S Duffy

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Time Plating, Inc.
30 Libera Street Cranston, Rhode Island 02920 USA
Telephone: 401-943-3020 
FAX: 401-943-8752 

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