• The Timelast Finish

    Timelast is our own clear, hard, water-based, cathodically electrodeposited acrylic coating.

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  • Evacoat

    Evacoat is a clear, solvent free anti-tarnish treatment for sterling silver and silver electroplate.

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  • Gold Finishes

    Decorative gold finishes are available in a wide variety of colors and thickness.

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  • Silver Finishes

    We offer mirror-bright silver electroplate to any thickness as well as high quality restoration of sterling silver.

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  • E-Coat

    Our electrocoat process deposits a clear polymer that will extend the life of your product by providing exceptional corrosion and wear resistance.

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  • Two-Tone

    One of our specialty finishes is two-tone gold and silver.

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  • Other Finishes

    Other finishes we provide include imitation rhodium (white), brush plating, nickel free, nickel and copper.

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Time Plating, Inc.

Fast, high quality contract electroplating.

We offer carding and packaging services for our plating customers. Find out more about this valuable time-saving service.

Jewelry Restoration
Quality restoration of your cherished jewelry items and repair of product for restocking.

Fast delivery

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 TIME, can care for all your needs. Call Michael at 401-943-3020, he will be glad to meet with you and provide the service you require, and the service you expect.

Michael S Duffy

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Time Plating, Inc.
30 Libera Street Cranston, Rhode Island 02920 USA
Telephone: 401-943-3020 
FAX: 401-943-8752 

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